Jolynn Swafford

A Story About Date with Destiny And Tony Robbins

This episode is about the life-changing experience Jolynn Swafford had at one of Tony Robbins’ events. Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and considered North America’s #1 life and business strategist.

Tony's events are life-changing and garner the attention of many of the world’s most prominent actors, musicians, business leaders, athletes and world leaders, who become not only attendees but raving fans. The two most well-known events Tony hosts worldwide are Unleash The Power Within, a four-day event, and Date With Destiny, a 6 -day event that occurs only twice a year; once in the US in December and once in Australia in May. We at Success Resources are the event organisers for Tony Robbins’ events outside of the U.S. In today’s episode we have head of Tony Robbins Australia, Kayla Gill, interviewing Jolynn who is sharing an experience she had at Date with Destiny in Queensland, Australia.

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3 Key Points:

  1. Learn to understand the deeper WHY of the origins of your behaviour, good or bad, and then learn to control your mind’s impulses and remove the behaviour that is not serving you.
  2. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is invaluable on your path to success.
  3. Tony teaches at Date with Destiny that you can change your whole life and destiny if you change your story.